The staff at FunDamental Studios are well-established professionals in their respected fields 

and they are absolutely passionate about your progress!  Class sizes are intentionally small so that 

we can provide more individual attention and help students succeed.  

Always wanted to learn how to DRAW?   


Chris (aka: The Bald Guy) can help you meet that goal!

Chris is an excellent teacher and a life-long artist who works predominantly in pencil but also enjoys 

a wide range of mixed media.  He studied Fine Arts at Iowa State University with an emphasis in drawing, 

painting and print making.  He illustrated the book “Sew Far Sew Good” by Oracle Publications, has worked 

for DC Comics and self published two independent comic books.  He currently works as a freelance artist.

Always wanted to learn how to BELLY DANCE?  


Lisa (aka: Shiara) can help you move in exciting new ways!

Lisa has been studying and performing Middle Eastern Dance since 1993. 

She has been sharing her passion for this dance in the classroom since 1998. 

In 2003, Lisa (Shiara) won the MEDINA (Middle Eastern Dance in North America) competition 

and just this past Spring, she was awarded the 2016 Arts Educator award from the Ames Community Arts Council.

Curious about DELSARTE?

“Delsarte is a body language analysis that is complete, thorough and honest.  It gives mind-blowing clarity               to both our life and our artistic communications.  It is best experienced.”      ~ Joe Williams

Lisa has been taking classes with the world master of Delsarte, Joe Williams, for the past 12 years.

She is now certified in his Three Pillars Arts ® method and is extremely happy 

to be able to offer a wide variety of Delsarte classes in downtown Ames!    

“With her passion for art, for teaching, and her generosity of spirit, Lisa (Shiara) is a true leader, and inspiring teacher who is carrying the flame of Delsarte forward for a new generation.”

~  Joe Williams, Master Delsarte Teacher, New York, NY

**  Check out the KHOI radio interview about the Studio and the Delsarte Method.  **

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